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Nursing Staff

Over 1600 nurses work at Lexington Medical Center with greater than 800 of those nurses with tenure > 10 years. We encourage our nurses to pursue and obtain national certifications above and beyond their RN license. Lexington Medical Center has undergone tremendous growth over the past several years and has been successful at recruiting and retaining our own nurses. We have not used any inpatient traveling or agency nurses in over 13 years. By having our own staff providing care we ensure only the best care is provided to our patients.

Registered Nurse (RN) Satisfaction

The National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is a national database, established in 1998 by the American Nurses Association (ANA) with the sole purpose to evaluate nursing sensitive measures, a contributing factor in patient outcomes. One of these measures, RN Satisfaction, evaluates the nurses work environment in order to facilitate nurse retention and promote best practice of patient care. Nurses actively engage in the survey process with a 90% participation rate in the 2017 survey.

At Lexington Medical Center, we believe our staff is our greatest asset. We further believe that a happy, stable workforce positively impacts patient care and patient outcomes. Our staff turnover is low and our nurse satisfaction and patient satisfaction scores are both high. We also encourage our nurses to pursue and obtain national certifications above and beyond their RN license. This commitment to additional education by our nurses exceeds the 75 th percentile performance in our NDNQI Registry. Certification demonstrates their knowledge and competence in their specialty and ensures our ability to offer exceptional care to our patients.

2017 NDNQI RN Satisfaction:
Job Enjoyment

2015 rating scale changed to 1-6, higher is better

2017 NDNQI RN Satisfaction Survey:
RN Nursing Certification

2017 NDNQI RN Satisfaction Survey:
Professional Practice Environment
Collegial Nurse-Physician Relations

Scale 1-4: Higher the score = more positive rating

RNs Highest Level of Nursing Education

RNs Years of Experience