Cancer Center

Phone Numbers

General Cancers Nurse Navigator
(803) 791-2289
(803) 791-2617
Support Group Network
(803) 791-2800
Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
(803) 791-2521
(800) 635-0858
Women's Imaging
(803) 791-2486
Medical Social Services
(803) 791-2430
Lexington Radiation Oncology
(803) 791-2575
Radiology Department
(803) 791-2460
Medical Day Infusion Center
(803) 791-2287
Manager for Cancer Programs
(803) 936-8050

Cancer Screenings

Early Detection Saves Lives

Our community outreach provides on-site cancer screenings in area businesses, churches and other organizations.

  • Breast Health Screening
    Clinical breast examinations, mammograms and other imaging techniques can help identify abnormalities in the breast. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in South Carolina.
  • Mobile Mammography
    The National Cancer Institute recommends screening mammograms — essentially an X-ray of the breast — for women age 40 and above every one to two years. Why? The five year survival rate is 98 percent for breast cancer if it’s found early.
  • Lung Cancer Screening Program
    Lung Cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. because only 15 percent of patients with lung cancer are diagnosed with early stage disease. According to the National Lung Screening Trial, mortality from lung cancer decreased by 20% for participants who received a low-dose CT scan versus a traditional chest X-ray to screen for lung cancer.