Cancer Center

Phone Numbers

General Cancers Nurse Navigator
(803) 791-2289
(803) 791-2617
Support Group Network
(803) 791-2800
Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
(803) 791-2521
(800) 635-0858
Women's Imaging
(803) 791-2486
Medical Social Services
(803) 791-2430
Lexington Radiation Oncology
(803) 791-2575
Radiology Department
(803) 791-2460
Medical Day Infusion Center
(803) 791-2287
Manager for Cancer Programs
(803) 936-8050


Treating the Whole Patient

Cancer can be frightening for those undergoing treatment as well as for the people who love them. That’s why we believe a holistic approach is so important. Cancer and cancer treatment can cause deep physical, emotional and spiritual changes. We provide a variety of resources and support groups because experience shows that those who participate experience significant benefits and less stress and depression.


Trained counselors and specialized caregivers have deep insight on the effects cancer can bring.

Support Groups

Share with and support others who understand what it means to live with cancer.

Financial & Social Assistance

On-site social workers aid patients and families with the demands of cancer, from emotional and physical to finances and insurance.