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Five-Day Detection to Diagnosis

You found a lump.

When you find a lump or irregularity in your breast, you’re just five days away from an answer at Lexington Medical Center.

Day One

If you detect a suspicious lump, or experience any irregularity or breast cancer symptoms, call your physician immediately — especially if you’re post-menopausal. Our Women’s Imaging Center staff work with your physician to schedule a breast examination within 24 hours of detection.

Day Two

After an examination, your physician may suggest an additional diagnostic procedure such as a mammogram, lump analysis or ultrasound. He or she may also suggest a stereotactic biopsy, a non-surgical method of diagnosis.

Day Three

If your physician orders included a mammogram, the results will be available to you and your physician the next day. You may be scheduled for a biopsy, which is performed by ultrasound, or via nonsurgical and surgical methods.

Day Four

Once the biopsy is complete, the sample is expedited to pathology where pathologists will determine the nature of the breast lump within 24 hours.

Day Five

Within 24 hours of the biopsy, pathology provides results to your physician and to the Women’s Imaging Center. If necessary, treatment options will be discussed with you by your physician or a nurse navigator.