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Text LEXMED to 972-11 to schedule an interview or to learn more about opportunities with Lexington Medical Center.

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Sign-on bonuses
available for select nursing positions!

L&D and MICU Nurses

$7,500 Sign-On Bonus +$2,500 for 2 years experience in same area

$7,500 Sign-On Bonus

Applicants for select nursing positions are eligible to receive a free Amazon gift card for interviewing and the choice of an Apple Watch or an Amazon Echo Show upon hire. (exp. 12/6/19) *

* Applications must be received by December 6 to qualify.


"The culture here is phenomenal. You could work your entire career here and never want to leave."

The LMC Difference

Our culture and benefits enhance our employees' lives, both at work and at home. You can see why when our nurses join LMC, they stay here.

  • Benefits Start Day One
  • Free Preventive Care
  • New Nurse Residency Program
  • Doctors and Nurses Shared Leadership
  • In-House Promotions and Recruiting
  • No Traveling Nurses

Be a Nurse at Lexington Medical Center

Nurses at Lexington Medical Center are a vital part of everything we do. Our nurses partner with physicians to ensure the very best care is provided to our patients. Working in a shared governance environment our nurses play an active role in the leadership of the hospital.

Lexington Medical Center provides nurses with a healthy, positive work environment that allows them to provide exceptional care and allows them to have fulfilling careers. We offer a multitude of opportunities for professional growth and development appropriate for the student nurse, newly graduated nurse and the experienced nurse.

With a variety of care settings available at Lexington Medical Center nurses are able to select roles and positions that allow them to successfully blend their professional and personal lives.

No matter what your experience level is as a nurse, we are committed to working with you to enhance your career and professional growth.

Nurse Satisfaction

Lexington Medical Center is growing at a steady rate. Even with rapid growth we have been able to recruit and retain our own nurses and have not used any traveler or agency nurses in the inpatient setting in over 13 years.

Each year for the past 15 years, our nurses have participated in a national Nurse Satisfaction Survey. Last year 92% of eligible nurses participated in the survey process. A wealth of information is gathered annually and is used to ensure we maintain a positive, healthy work environment that meets the needs of our nurses. Findings from the last survey revealed once again that our nurses are "highly satisfied" with overall job enjoyment at Lexington Medical Center.

Shared Governance

Nurses at Lexington Medical Center lead and participate in a variety of committees to share opportunities for improvement and to develop and implement measures that allow the nurse to practice at their highest level.

We encourage our nurses to bring forward unique and innovative ideas to support strategic nursing goals which allow us to continually improve the care we provide to our patients. Several great ideas have come from new nurses to Lexington Medical Center.

Our formal shared governance structure consists of Unit Based Practice Committees, Practice Council and Nursing Leadership Committee. Staff nurses from across the hospital participate in these committees and therefore have a strong voice in how we provide nursing care within the organization.

Continual Learning / Professional Development

Whether you are a student nurse, newly graduated nurse or a seasoned nurse, Lexington Medical Center offers a multitude of opportunities for your professional growth and development. Our Center for Best Practice continually offers educational programs so our nurses can stay abreast of best practices.

We value your experience, education and attainment of national nursing certification. As such, eligible nurses receive pay differentials based upon these attributes. Nurses who hold a national nursing certification also are allotted monies each year for the ongoing continuing education activities and professional affiliations.

We are pleased to offer our nurses tuition reimbursement and access to BSN and MSN scholarships. We want to support our nurses as they pursue additional nursing degrees.

Newly graduated nurses have the opportunity to participate in our nurse residency programs. These programs provide a safe and supportive environment for the new graduate nurse to further develop their skills during the first year in the nursing profession.