Phone Numbers

LMC Community Outreach
(803) 936-8850
Patient Education
(803) 791-2869
Health Directions West Columbia
(803) 791-2113

Health Management Classes

Programs for Whole Health

We offer a wide range of health management education opportunities. Choose from classes that help you achieve better health or to better manage an existing condition

For more information on health management classes, call Patient Education at (803) 791-2869.

Asthma Wellness Classes

Benefit from a series of individualized visits with a respiratory therapist and a pharmacist to safely manage asthma.

Better Breathing Club

This group helps those living with chronic lung disease and asthma to enjoy better quality living every day.

Nutrition Counseling

Manage illness or reduce the risk of illness through a personalized nutrition program guided by a registered dietitian.

Preparing for Total Joint Replacement

The class prepares participants for an upcoming total joint replacement procedure. Learn more about what to expect during surgery, recovery and rehabilitation.

Smoking Cessation Classes

Quit smoking with the support of this free program that meets at various locations of Lexington Medical Center throughout the year (January, March, May, July and September). Dates & Locations