Phone Numbers

Lexington Medical Center Foundation
(803) 791-2540

Board of Directors


  • Justin Strickland – Chairman
  • Erin McCaskill – Vice Chairman
  • Harold Wray - Secretary
  • Donny Burkett - Treasurer
  • Thad Westbrook - Past Chairman


  • Mike Biediger - CEO
  • Scott Adams
  • Robert Callis, MD
  • Quillin Davis, MD
  • Rev. Charles Jackson
  • Chip Johnson
  • Fred Johnston
  • Dan Jones
  • Athena Leventis
  • Huey Long
  • Philip Morris
  • Steven Mungo
  • Cathy Novinger
  • Bert Pooser
  • John Spalding, MD
  • Butch Wallace
  • S. Lyman Whitehead

From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to have been selected to serve as the Executive Director of the Lexington Medical Center Foundation. Our Foundation has many wonderful opportunities ahead of us and I am excited about working with you and building on the successes already achieved by the Foundation.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated throughout the Lexington Medical Center community. Because of your support, many people have been blessed. For example, recently, the Lexington Medical Center Foundation granted 60 nursing scholarships to assist Midlands' students in continuing their education. As you know, the nursing profession is experiencing a shortage of qualified nurses; therefore, we feel these scholarships are a great investment for our community.

We continue to support Becky’s Place that offers recovery products for women experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment; Project Prescription, which helps deserving patients cover the costs of prescribed medications; a DVD library for cardiac rehabilitation patients to assist in their recovery efforts, as well as other important health care services throughout the community. It is because of your support and financial contributions that we are able to continue to offer these services and other quality programs that have come to symbolize the Foundation.It is our goal at the Foundation to grow and expand the programs we offer and support the mission of the Lexington Medical Center, To Provide Quality Health Services That Meet the Needs of our Community.

I look forward to working with you as we strive to grow the Foundation. Working together, we can make the Lexington Medical Center Foundation stronger and more viable than ever before, serving the needs of the Lexington Medical Center patients, staff, and community.

Timothy M. James
Vice President/Executive Director
Lexington Medical Center Foundation