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Cervical Cancer Screening

Our Screening

  • First lab in SC to use supplementary robotic imager.
  • Liquid-based sampling for more accurate tests.
  • HPV (human papillomavirus) testing offered.
(803) 791-2486

What should I know about screenings?

Pap tests, also called Pap smears, detect cervical cancer. Screenings can find abnormalities early and even prevent tumors entirely.

Do I need to be tested?

Yes if:

  • You are a woman who is 21 or older.
  • You haven't turned 65.

How often should I be tested?

Every year until age 65.

Do you offer financial help?

We are a Best Chance Network provider for under-insured and non-insured patients, and accept Medicare.

What happens if you find something?

If your test results don't come back as normal, your doctor will let you know if you need treatment.

Most of the time, any abnormalities are only pre-cancers, and treatment prevents the cancer from developing. Doctors can freeze the suspicious cells, vaporize them or do a biopsy.

What will happen during the screening?

The test can be given in a doctor's office or a clinic. The doctor will do an internal examination of your cervix and collect a few cells to send to a laboratory.

Women over 30 should also consider getting the HPV test along with their Pap test. The HPV virus can cause cells to mutate, and knowing about it early can help prevent cervical cancer.

Advanced Early Detection

Our advanced tests produce more accurate results and are often more comfortable for patients.

More Accurate Pap Test
Our liquid-based Pap test detects abnormalities more accurately than a traditional Pap test.