Clinical Research

Cancer Research

Studies to advance immunotherapy and breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Heart & Vascular Research

Innovative research for heart & vascular diseases and access to new technology.

Surgery Research

Studying minimally invasive, high-quality surgical procedures to improve patient outcomes.

Women's Services Research

Clinical trials involving all areas of women's health.

Nursing Education

APRN Fellowship Program

A one-year program to give experience and support to new nurse practitioners.

Volunteer Auxiliary Nursing Scholarships

Financial assistance for those pursuing a nursing education.

Opportunities for Students & Employees

High School Students: For internships, shadowing and service learning, contact

Current & Future Healthcare Professionals

Scholarships & Partners Programs
Foundation Healthcare Scholarships

Future Medical Laboratory Scientists

School of Medical Laboratory Science

Future Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Residency

Future Practice Administrators

Lexington Medical Administrative Fellowship