Cancer Center

Phone Numbers

Hematology / Oncology
(803) 794-7511
Radiation Oncology
(803) 791-2575
Women's Imaging
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Advanced Treatment

  • Doctors meet weekly to discuss and create care plans.
  • Patients can access their treatment information via MyChart and OncPortal.
  • 10 highly-trained lab doctors with a range of expertise.

We are 1 of 4 hospitals in the state to be Quality Oncology Practice Initiative certified.



Powerful chemotherapy drugs are used to stop or slow cancer growth. You can often receive chemo in an outpatient setting or doctor’s office.


Surgeons can operate to remove some tumors. Surgery isn’t always drastic. In some cases, minimally invasive surgeries can be the most effective.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is used alone or with surgery. Treatments are highly targeted to minimize side effects and limit damage to healthy tissue.

Hormonal Therapy

This treatment can slow the interaction of hormones that are feeding the growth of cancer cells.