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Benefits of Ultrasounds

  • Show a moving picture of heart and vascular function.
  • Help pinpoint the most effective treatment plan.
(803) 744-4900

"The doctors at Lexington Medical Center did a great job."

— Brad, Heart & Vascular Center Patient

What is an ultrasound?

These tests show your doctor a moving image of the blood flow and muscles in your body to evaluate any issues.

Types of Ultrasounds


Your doctor will use sound waves to produce an image of your heart with the help of a special gel that will help conduct the sound waves through your body.

Vascular Ultrasound

Your doctor will evaluate your body’s blood circulation using sound waves and blood pressure monitors.


The exam takes 30 to 45 minutes.

What to Expect

Your doctor will ask you to lie down for your ultrasound and will apply a special gel and ultrasound wand to the area they are testing. If you are getting a vascular ultrasound, you will need to wear blood pressure bands as part of the test.


Plan for this test to take about 45 minutes.