Phone Numbers

Radiology Department
(803) 791-2460
Outpatient Surgery & Services
West Columbia - (803) 791-2570
Irmo - (803) 749-0924
Lexington - (803) 358-6136
Patient Billing (Hospital)
(803) 791-2300
Community Health Information Library
(803) 739-3884
Support Group Network
(803) 791-2800



Clarity for Effective Diagnosis & Treatment

Our Radiology Department is staffed by board-certified radiologists and certified technologists committed to providing clear diagnostics. State-of-the-art digital imaging equipment linked to a secure picture archiving and communication system (PACS) lets physicians access, analyze and send highly detailed images. We strive for image accuracy and clarity in order to find and treat disease in its earliest, and often most curable, stages.

CT Scans

Highly detailed images reveal disease and injury.

Interventional Radiology

Treatment of disease using minimally invasive, image guided procedures.


Detailed captures of organs, soft tissues and bone.

Nuclear Medicine

A study of structure and function in organs and tissue.

O-Arm Surgical Imaging System

Real-time, intra-operative imaging of the body.


Nuclear imaging used to diagnose or treat disease.


Captures function and anatomical body data into a single scan.


Soundwave-formed images of body structures.

X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

Still and moving images from inside the body.