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Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

The Anatomic Pathology Laboratory is another critical component of pathology services. In the lab, which processes tissue and cytology samples, experienced pathologists analyze biopsies, organs, organ samples and autopsies. They also analyze cell smears and suspensions to report diagnoses that guide current and future patient treatments. Lexington Medical Center is the only Midlands hospital providing anatomic pathology services seven days a week.



Skin Cancer Removal

Our lab developed a special process that allows skin cancer to be removed by local dermatologists, surgeons and other doctors. The process helps spare skin and limit surgery length.

If necessary, the analysis allows precise removal of additional skin the next day. This alternative to the multi-hour, lengthy surgical sessions of Mohs surgery can also include use of intra-operative frozen section control.

Superficial Radiation Therapy

Our lab informs ultra-precise details that allow use of superficial radiation therapy to treat skin cancer. Lexington Medical Center is the only source of superficial radiation therapy in the Midlands.


General Gynecology

Great care is taken to maintain a highly dependable and accurate diagnostic service for pathology exams of uterine cervix and endometrial specimens.

Placental Pathology

Our group can provide expert examination of the fetal placenta during pregnancy.


Urologic Biopsy Processing

Our service, the world’s only completely oriented biopsy processing system, ensures urologists have results by noon the next day. Our program has an outstanding success rate for accurate diagnosis, as well as for providing the details patients and urologists need to inform treatment decisions.

Five-Day Breast Biopsy Diagnosis

This special program works with stereotactic and ultrasound-guided core biopsies and provides next-morning reporting. Final pathology diagnoses are available within five days or less from enrollment in program.

Liver Biopsy

Pathologists are expertly able to process and diagnose percutaneous needle biopsies with the benefit making blood data available to interpreting pathologists.


Tumor Chemo-Resistance Testing

Though this test is performed in a reference lab, the key to its success is the specimen selection process by our local pathologist.


Gastrointestinal Pathology

Through exceptional multidisciplinary sharing of case information, our pathologists are able to extend interpretations to an unusual degree of precision when evaluating biopsies of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, colon and rectum.


Breast FNA

We have a goal of same-day diagnosis on these cytology cases.

Deep FNA

Many hospitals address this service by only processing the biopsy core. We provide an intensity of service that is unequaled anywhere in the U.S. We process core and cytology specimens as a pathologist and a cytotechnology representative both attend and participate in these procedures with the biopsying radiologist.

Graphic Reporting

Endorectal-Coil MRI

A supplementary graphic report is issued on biopsies to the radiology department when patients are additionally examined with endorectal-coil MRI exams.


Thorough processing of radical prostatectomy specimens is reported in classical text fashion and with graphic supplements for reference in future treatment modifications.


Post-Mortem and Autopsy

Our pathology group has provided post-mortem testing and autopsy services to the Lexington County Coroner since 1971. With a rate of about 100 cases per year, the findings are valued by the coroner, as well as our department as we press for ever-increasing quality services in our health services district.

Private Autopsies

Patient autopsies requested by medical staff are performed at no charge. Private autopsies are also performed in the lab.