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Madison Kutyla, Fracture Patient

Hand injury patient Madison Kutyla in a cheer uniform holding up a megaphone on a football field.

Back in the Game After Being Sidelined by Sports Injury

Madison Kutyla was thrilled to be cheering with the Lexington High School varsity squad as a freshman. But after a bad tumble on uneven ground, she found she couldn’t move her hand because of a bad fracture.

Her orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. David K. Lee, designed a plan of treatment based on Madison’s athletic needs. While external pins are more typical, he elected to use internal pins under the skin so that she could get back to the sport she loved.

"I could tell he understood I wanted to be back as soon as possible,” Madison says. Just over a month after her fall, Madison was cleared to tumble again. “I had practice the same day, and it was really nice to be back."


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