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  • Revolutionary 3-D mammogram technology.
  • Mobile mammogram van for more convenient screening locations.
  • Five day detection to diagnosis.
(803) 791-2486

We were the first hospital in the area to offer 3-D mammograms to detect cancer earlier.

Five-Day Detection to Diagnosis

We promise a definitive diagnosis within five days of detecting a breast abnormality.

Found a lump? We'll give you an answer in five days.

Call your physician immediately if you detect a lump in your breast, especially if you're post-menopausal.

Breast Cancer Screening

You should be tested if:

  • You are a woman older than 40.
  • Your mother, grandmother or aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • You have noticed a lump or another abnormality in your breast.
  • You have had breast cancer in the past.

3-D Mammograms

A 3-D mammogram provides the clearest, most detailed view of breast tissue possible.

Earlier Detection & Better Accuracy Than 2-D Mammograms

  • Detects lesions as small as 2mm.
  • Detects 40% more cancer types.
  • Improves cancer detection by 20%.
  • Reduces false positives up to 40%.
  • Reduces patient callbacks by 15%.
  • Allows radiologists to see masses and distortions more clearly by a significant margin.
  • Offers 40% better visualization of tissues.
  • Reduces the need for additional imaging.

Mobile Mammograms

Our mobile mammography unit travels to businesses, churches, schools and organized events across the Midlands with the same advanced technology and services available at the hospital.

Mobile Mammography Van Schedule - 2019

  • January 22 - Lexington Family Practice Northeast
  • January 28 - LMC Swansea
  • February 4 - LMC Batesburg-Leesville
  • February 6 - LMC Batesburg-Leesville
  • February 11 - LMC Swansea
  • February 13 - Lexington Family Practice Northeast
  • February 18 - Lexington Family Practice Gilbert
  • February 19 - Lexington Family Practice White Knoll
  • February 25 - LMC Swansea