Phone Numbers

Patient Billing (Hospital)
(803) 791-2300
1(877) 835-0975
Financial Counselor (Hospital)
(803) 791-2490
Physician's Practice Bills
Please contact the physician's office at the number on your statement.
Hospital Chargemaster (CDM)
Comprehensive listing of items billable to our hospital patients and/or their insurance provider.


Lexington Medical Center and its physician practices are in network with many insurance plans, government health programs and managed care networks. If your plan isn’t listed, please call your doctor's office.

Accepted Insurance - Managed Care Networks

Accepted Insurance - Government Health Programs

Using Insurance for Hospital Bills

This information only applies to charges for services provided by Lexington Medical Center. If you have insurance questions that are related to a Doctor's Office bill, please contact the physician’s office directly using the phone number or address on your bill.
What kind of bill do I have?

Your Responsibilities
If your insurance requires pre-certification, pre-authorization or other approvals, it is your responsibility to secure them. You are responsible for paying all charges not covered by insurance. This may include deductibles, co-pay amounts, per-stay co-pays and non-covered charges. You may be required to pay for any unpaid health care items or services that your insurance plan deems non-covered or not medically necessary.

Filing a Claim

We will file a claim for your care with your insurance carrier as long as we have complete billing information and benefits are made payable to Lexington Medical Center.

Once a claim is filed, we typically will not contact you again until your insurance company has paid and there is a patient balance, or we have been unsuccessful in obtaining payment. Should this occur, we may ask for your assistance with your insurance company for payment.