Birth Center

Phone Numbers

Maternity Services
(803) 791-BABY
(803) 791-2229
Obstetrics Pre-Admission – Financial Questions
(803) 791-2490
New Mother Questions
(803) 791-2220
New Baby Questions
(803) 791-2525
Special Care Nursery
(803) 791-2337
Newborn Nursery
(803) 791-2533
(803) 936-8100
(803) 791-2631


Support for Laboring & New Mothers


Request a Doula

To request a doula during childbirth,
call (803) 791-2631.

Postpartum Assistance

To request in-home assistance,
call (803) 791-2631, or talk to your nurse.

What is a Doula?

A doula — pronounced “doo-lah” — provides physical, emotional and educational assistance to women either in labor or in the postpartum period. We are proud that, more than a decade ago, our belief in encouraging families to start out in the best possible way was the foundation for one of the first hospital-based doula programs in the country.

Doulas are experienced professionals who undergo training specific to assisting pregnant women and newborns. Our doula programs are sponsored by the Lexington Medical Foundation, and based on the highest standards of care as set by DONA International, the largest doula association in the world.

Birthing Assistant Program

In addition to understanding the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of women in labor, doulas also facilitate communication between parents-to-be, help prepare birth plans and provide information about birth and delivery options.

Postpartum Program

Postpartum doulas offer education, support and assistance to the new family at home. A doula brings much-needed confidence to a new mother through breastfeeding support and advice, newborn care and assistance with household duties. Doulas work with each mother to determine the type of care that would most benefit her needs and those of her family. Doula care in the home is scheduled in four-hour increments and has a small fee. We encourage friends and families to purchase doula time as a gift to new mothers.