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Natural Childbirth

A Medication- & Intervention- Free Approach

Some expecting mothers plan to exclude medications, electronic monitoring and minimal routine interventions, opting for what’s called natural childbirth. While it’s an option that can bring pain and discomfort during labor and childbirth, many mothers choose a natural birth in order to remain active during labor and delivery, and for the feeling of accomplishment such a birth brings.

We are respectful and encouraging of mothers and families who wish to achieve as natural a birth process as possible. We provide helpful tools to support natural childbirth including birthing stools, balls and bars. Women can also have the support of a birth coach — also called a doula — during labor. After your baby is born, our board-certified lactation consultants are available to all mothers to assist with breastfeeding questions and challenges.

These suggestions can help you achieve a natural birth — one that comes with the added security of being in a hospital setting:

  • Discuss your intent for natural birth with your health care provider in advance.
  • Educate yourself on labor and delivery.
  • Create a birth plan that outlines your wishes and intentions during labor and delivery as well as the moments after your baby is born.
  • Utilize the services of a doula to ensure your wishes and birth plan are supported.
  • Communicate your plans with on-duty staff when you arrive in labor.
  • Refusal of pain medication or medical intervention is your option unless it’s medically necessary for either the health of you or your baby.

The decision to have a non-medicated birth is extremely personal. Our staff and resources will support you at every step to help ensure your newborn is welcomed in an experience that fits with your ideal.