Birth Center

Phone Numbers

Maternity Services
(803) 791-BABY
(803) 791-2229
Obstetrics Pre-Admission – Financial Questions
(803) 791-2490
New Mother Questions
(803) 791-2220
New Baby Questions
(803) 791-2525
Special Care Nursery
(803) 791-2337
Newborn Nursery
(803) 791-2533
(803) 936-8100
(803) 791-2631


Ensuring Safety & Security for Newborns

Our Birth Center is a controlled-access environment. As an extra measure of protection, all infants wear security transmitters, placed on one ankle moments after birth. The transmitter is part of a sophisticated safety system that helps prevent infant misidentification and abduction.

  • The small transmitter is applied to the baby’s ankle using a strip of material like a Band-Aid.
  • The transmitter triggers an alarm if the band is cut or someone tries to remove it. It also triggers if your baby is in an area close to an open exit door or an open elevator.
  • If you are pushing your baby in the bassinet in the hall, you may hear doors lock as you pass. If an alarm sounds, a nurse will immediately come to make sure your baby is safe.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

  • Do not give your baby to anyone unless you know them or they are wearing a distinctive purple-striped hospital picture ID badge.
  • The only people allowed to transport babies within the Birth Center are hospital staff, the mother and one additional support person. Only individuals with ID bracelets are allowed inside the nursery, which is locked at all times.
  • Please transport your baby in the hallway using the bassinet. Do not carry your baby in your arms while in the hallway.
  • If your baby is in the room with you and you need to use the bathroom, place the bassinet next to the bathroom door and leave the door open a bit. Do not leave your baby unattended or alone.
  • Keep your baby’s bassinet on the side of the bed farthest from the door.