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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Exercise, Support & Nutrition

Cardiac Rehabilitation helps those with heart conditions such as heart disease, vascular disease, renal disease and diabetes, as well as those who have had heart attacks, open heart surgery, stable angina or other problems.

Regain your health and vitality!

The multidisciplinary team, directed by a cardiologist, develops individualized plans for participants that incorporate exercise, education and stress management. In this program, education is as important as exercise. Classes teach participants the disease process, better nutrition, stress management tactics, medication management and even assist with smoking cessation.

A Goal of Better Health

Cardiac rehab usually begins two to four weeks after discharge. At the onset you’ll undergo an evaluation to establish your plan and goals.

Our program includes classes to address the disease process, nutrition, exercise, stress management, smoking cessation and medications.

While most insurance companies reimburse the cost of participating, the amount of the reimbursement varies. Participants must have a physician referral to participate.

Benefits of Exercise, Education & New Habits

  • Improve confidence and quality of life
  • Increase capacity for work and recreation
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Regulate cholesterol
  • Improve overall muscle tone