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Cardiac CT Imaging

Advanced Imaging Can Show Quiet Crisis

Cardiac computed tomography (CT) uses powerful X-ray imaging to capture ultra-clear, highly detailed images that inform doctors about overall heart form and function. When combined, many captured images are joined together to form a complete, 3-D representation of the heart.

Cardiac CT imaging is used to detect or analyze heart disease, calcium buildup, aortic aneurysms or dissections, pulmonary embolism, pericardial disease and other heart-related issues.

Sometimes, contrast dyes are used during a scan to highlight the heart and arteries. These scans — called coronary CT angiography — don’t rely on a catheter threaded through a vessel to find blockages. For that reason, they don’t have the recovery time that’s associated with a traditional angiogram.

What to Expect

  • Before a scan, you may be given a beta blocker to slow the heart. It can take up to an hour for the medication to work.
  • A technician may insert an IV and deliver contrast dye to spotlight the arteries.
  • The actual scanning portion of the exam doesn’t last long — about 15 minutes for a CT and about 15 seconds for CT angiography. You can return to normal activities quickly.

Ultra-Advanced Technology

Our 64 slice, dual-source CT scanner has twice the X-ray tubes and detector arrays for faster, more accurate imaging.

We also use the scanner to offer painless CT angiography exams that help physicians evaluate the heart, its arteries and overall function.