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Sleep Disorder Questionnaire

Epworth Daytime Sleepiness Evaluation

Rank how likely you may be to fall asleep in the situations outlined below. If you score a 9 or above using the scale provided, seek the advice of a sleep specialist.

Scale - Chance of Dozing

  • 0 = No chance of dozing.
  • 1 = Slight chance of dozing.
  • 2 = Moderate chance of dozing.
  • 3 = High chance of dozing.

Situations - Rank how likely you are to fall asleep.

  • ___ Sitting and reading
  • ___ Watching television
  • ___ Sitting inactive in a public place (such as a theatre or meeting)
  • ___ Riding as a passenger in a vehicle for an hour (uninterrupted)
  • ___ Lying down in the afternoon for a nap
  • ___ Sitting and talking with someone
  • ___ Sitting quietly after a lunch that did not include an alcoholic beverage
  • ___ Sitting in a car while waiting in traffic

Your Score

Compare your total points to the scale below:

  • 1-8: Your score is average. You’re likely getting enough sleep.
  • 9 or higher: You may have a sleep disorder. Seek the advice of a sleep specialist.