Women's Services

Phone Numbers

Mammogram Appointments
(803) 791-2486
Pelvic Pain & Incontinence
(803) 791-2397
Pre-Register for Childbirth
(803) 791-2560
Tour the Birth Center
(803) 791-2229
Request a Doula
(803) 791-2631
New Parent Help Line
(803) 791-2525

Complimentary Photo Session

Order Baby Photos

Call or order online from WelcomeNewborn Photography.

(866) 639-2676

"We loved having the baby photographer come to us!"

— Christine, Birth Center Patient

Free Family Photo Sessions

We partner with WelcomeNewborn Photography to capture stunning images of your baby's first days.

There is no charge for:

Our Photographer Comes to You

After your baby is born, a WelcomeNewborn photographer will visit your room to offer you a free photo session. If you wish to participate in the session, you must sign a consent form.

Share and Order Photos

Share and purchase password-protected images on the WelcomeNewborn website for two weeks, starting right after your session ends.

Your Baby's Photo on Our Website

Photos usually appear on our See the Babies page within 24 hours.