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Mammogram Appointments
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Pelvic Pain & Incontinence
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Pre-Register for Childbirth
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Tour the Birth Center
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Request a Doula
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New Parent Help Line
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Newborn Care

Attentive, Continuous Care

  • Secure, centrally located newborn nursery.
  • Modern, private special care nursery rooms.
  • Infant care help and education for new moms.

"They will always hold a special place in our hearts for giving our little girl the best start."

— Courtney, Birth Center Patient

After Your Baby is Born

You'll spend a few private moments with your newborn before your baby’s nurse gives your infant a thorough health and wellness assessment.

Health and Wellness Assessment

Your nurse will:
  • Clean mucus from your baby’s nose and mouth.
  • Swaddle your baby in a soft, warm blanket or place your baby in a warming bassinet.
  • Give your baby a cap with either a pink or blue ribbon — a gift you can take home.
  • Give baby, mom and dad (or a primary support person) matching ID bracelets.
  • Place an additional security monitor on your baby's ankle.
  • Give your baby an injection of vitamin K to prevent bleeding.
  • Treat your baby's eyes with antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
  • Record your baby's footprints on a keepsake birth record.
  • Evaluate your baby's temperature, heartbeat, breathing, color and muscle tone.
  • Bathe, dress and diaper your baby, if all vitals are clear.
  • Test your baby’s blood sugar to ensure it’s not too low, if needed.
  • Weigh your baby in either the delivery room or the nursery.
  • Give your baby a universal newborn hearing screening to detect possible hearing loss.
  • Give the all clear. With both mother and baby in good health, you can spend time bonding!

Health Concerns

If your baby’s health is of concern, he or she may need to go to our Special Care Nursery for more advanced neonatal care. If this is the case, you will be involved and informed at every step.

Breastfeeding Help

After your baby is born, our board-certified lactation consultants will help you with breastfeeding questions and challenges.

Newborn Nursery

Newborn cribs in front of several windows in a spacious yet enclosed room with wood floors.

Central Location

More convenient for mom, dad and family and safer for the babies.

Safe and Secure

An electronic security system monitors all infants in the nursery.

Natural Light

Natural light helps newborns regulate their circadian rhythm and keeps harsh artificial light out of their developing eyes.